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Flashing red. Kids ahead.

The MD reminds motorists to drive with extra caution, watch for pedestrians, and pay attention to school bus signals.

Farm mental health: stories of challenge and recovery

The unique stressors and challenges that farmers face can have a negative impact on their mental health and well-being.

Upgrades underway at Smith Water Treatment Plant

There will be no disruption to the water supply during the operational upgrade work at Smith Water Treatment Plant.

MD Submits Application for Federal Flood Mitigation Dollars

Marten Beach project shows considerable merit as gauged by funding parameters.

New Post-secondary Partnership Helps Train Nurses in Rural Alberta

Online learning pilot by Northern Lakes College and Athabasca University creates 60 new nursing seats in northwestern Alberta.

MD revises Dust Control Policy

The MD’s Dust Control Program is an important and heavily-utilized seasonal service, but a rewrite of its underlying policy was long overdue.

Sincere Thanks Goes out to our Community

In mid-June, the MD will host an engagement session to gather valuable insights from the community regarding the design and functionality of the Smith Bridge rebuild.

MD Receives Provincial Funding for Smith Bridge

Province earmarks $1.65 million for engineering studies to replace aging critical infrastructure.

Smith Bridge Support Campaign a Success

MD to submit community endorsement package to Province prior to budget talks

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