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MD Implements New Water Rates

After much deliberation, Council incorporated Administration’s recommendation to adjust the current utility rates during the November 15, 2023, Council meeting. Resulting from a water and sewer cost analysis review of the 2022 Utilities operating budget, it has been determined that the current cost of water production is being subsidized at 85% and sewer treatment at 96% by the Municipality.

Water Rate Increases as of January 1, 2024

Hamlet & Rural Potable Water Distribution Systems & Potable Water Bulk Truck Fill Stations

The following water rates will be in effect as of january 1, 2024:



Fixed rate - monthly fee

$22.40 per month

0-45 mper month
(all water consumption excluding industrial)
$3.88 per m3
Over 45 mper month
(all water consumption excluding industrial)
$7.75 per m3
Industrial water* $12.50 per m3

*Industrial Water means a consumer whose property falls within the Heavy Industrial (HI) District as described in Land Use Bylaw 2021-17 as amended from time to time & which uses water for manufacturing & production processes & other industrial processes, one which uses water for work camps, and hauling for other manufactured processes.

Although this was a challenging decision to make as both Administration and Council understand the direct impact to our residents, rates must increase in order to properly manage the MD-owned water and wastewater systems. The costs of operating, maintaining, and upgrading the capital infrastructure are partially funded through the sale of drinking water to the service area customers.

Residents are thanked for their understanding regarding the water rate increases.

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