Transportation services and infrastructure.

The Transportation department provides and maintains the infrastructure in Lesser Slave River’s transportation network. This department aims to provide safe and cost-effective systems for all modes of transportation, maintains these systems at acceptable levels of service, and expands these systems to facilitate the population growth and economic development of our community.

It is responsible for repairs, rehabilitation, and maintenance including oiling, roadside brushing, gravelling, sanding, and snowplowing; construction and maintenance of roads, public walkways, sidewalks, trails within the road allowance, street lights, bridges, and drainage systems; administration of road closures and bans; maintenance of traffic and directional signage, and; acquisition and maintenance of the vehicles and equipment in the municipal fleet.

Transportation Resources for MD Residents

Road Bans

Snowplow Flags

Dust Control

Road Works

Winter Roads | Priorities & Maintenance

Roadway maintenance standards are at Council approved service levels that minimize economic loss and inconvenience to the community. Snow will be cleared from roads in order of priority. The degree and frequency of clearing will be according to the level of service outlined for each priority.

Protect public safety and ensure key emergency transportation routes are passable within one working day.

Mitsue Industrial Park municipal and contract roads, fire halls, water treatment and sewer facilities.

Ensure the majority of school bus routes will be passable within two working days following a snowfall.

To allow safe and normal movement on traffic within three working days following a snowfall.

Given to roads kept open twelve months of the year. Plowing to be completed within four days.

Driveways will be plowed following completion of road plowing, which under normal conditions is three to four days following a snowfall.

Facilities will be plowed as a community service at no cost upon completion of Priority 6 requests.

Life, Work and Leisure in Lesser Slave River

The Lesser Slave Lake and the river were the main links to the Peace River district until the beginning of the 20th century, when the construction of the Northern Alberta Railway facilitated transportation in the area. Visit the Municipal History section to learn more about our region's rich heritage.
Legendary Lesser Slave River

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Just a few hours due north of Edmonton, Lesser Slave River is a truly unique place to live, work and play. From breathtaking expanses of boreal forest and unspoiled natural wonders to a thriving economy and genuine work/life balance, opportunities abound. Here you'll discover a place of rugged beauty. A place of real people. A place you'll never want to leave.

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