Photo Submission Tips

Make it into the top 13

You have between August 1 and September 30, 2022 to submit up to five of your favourite photos into the contest. To win, your photos need to adhere to certain creative and technical parameters.

See below for some tips and tricks on submitting pics that may just make it into the winner's circle!

Submission Tip 1

Consider the Format

When choosing phots to submit, remember that the end application for the top 12 entries will be as full-page calendar photos. This means that landscape format is preferable to portrait format.

You may have one of the highest-voted submissions, but the County reserves the right to disqualify it if it doesn't work as a calendar photo.

Submission Tip 2

Keep the Resolution High

Winning photos will be used to design the 2022 County Calendar. This means that they need to be high resolution (roughly 10" x 8" at 300 DPI). Not a numbers person? A standard iPhone image (landscape format) will likely suffice.

Sadly, many great submissions are disqualified each year because they fail to meet the minimum resolution.

Submission Tip 3

Don't Fudge your Photos

Filters, feathered edges, watermarks and other Photoshop effects are fun to play with, but they'll get your submissions axed. We're looking for straight up, un-doctored photos of the people, places and things around the County.

Even if you're in the top 13, the use of post-production effects on your photos may push you out of the winner's circle.

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