Assessment & Taxation

Fair and transparent property valuations.

The Assessment & Taxation department is responsible for the valuation and classification of all real property, personal property, and business occupancies within Lesser Slave River for the purpose of distributing taxes fairly to the municipality's residents.

Property assessment is the process of placing a dollar value on property for taxation purposes and is governed by Provincial Legislation.

Property assessment is the process of placing a dollar value on property for taxation purposes and is governed by Provincial Legislation.

This department works to establish the assessed value for all property within municipal boundaries; prepare the annual tax rate bylaws for the collection of property taxes; produce an annual assessment roll reflecting changes in property condition, ownership, boundaries, and exemption status; and provide guidance and communications to the public and liaises with the public regarding statutory requirements and tax policy.


Contact Information

Debbie Conrad
Taxation/Payroll Administrator

Email debbie.conrad (@)
Phone 780.849.4888
Toll-Free 1.866.449.4888
Fax 780.849.4939

Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP)

The TIPP program allows you to pay your property tax balance on a monthly basis rather than making a lump sum payment. Under this plan, monthly payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account. TIPP makes budgeting easier and minimizes the risk of late payment penalties. Arrangements must be made before january 1 of each year, and some conditions apply.

Pay Your Municipal Fees Online

Nowadays, most people are used to paying bills via online banking. Did you know that you can also pay your municipal taxes and utilities in the same manner? It's as simple as logging into your online banking service and selecting LESSER SLAVE RIVER #124 TAXES and LESSER SLAVE RIVER #124 UTIL as payees. It's a great way to save time, trees and postage. Click Here to see which banks support this service.

Understanding Your Taxes

Notice of Preparation of 2021 Assessment Roll

Notice is hereby given that the Assessment Roll of the Municipal District of Lesser Slave River No. 124 made under the provisions of Section 302 and Section 307 of the Municipal Government Act has been prepared and will be open to inspection at the MD offices in Slave Lake and Flatbush from Monday to Friday during regular business hours throughout the year.

Any person who wishes to object to the entry of his/her name or that of any other person upon the said roll(s) or the assessed value upon any property must lodge his/her complaint(s) in writing with the Municipal District on or before AUGUST 23, 2021.

Combined Assessment & Tax Notices were mailed on June 15, 2021. Fees as per Bylaw 2020-17 will be in effect for complaints lodged.

Dated this 15th day of June, 2021.

Assessment and Tax Notice

Your Assessment and Tax Notice covers the period from January 1st to December 31st of the current year. The MD’s assessment process has been conducted by Accurate Assessment Group Ltd. If you have any questions concerning your property assessment, please call Accurate Assessment Group Ltd. at 1.780.464.4655 or the MD office in Slave Lake at 780.849.4888, toll free: 1.866.449.4888.

Assessment Complaints

If you do not agree with the assessment and wish to file a complaint with the Assessment Review Board, you MUST file the appropriate complaint form along with the appeal fee prior to AUGUST 23, 2021 to the Clerk of the Assessment Review Board, P.O. Box 722, Slave Lake, AB T0G 2A0. An Assessment Review Board has no jurisdiction to deal with complaints about assessments for linear or designated industrial properties. Complaints about linear and designated industrial properties must be directed to the Municipal Government Board within time period shown on the assessment notices.

The “Complaint Form” and/or “Agent Authorization Form” can be found on the Alberta Municipal Affairs website at

As per Section 311 and 337 of the Municipal Government Act, all assessed persons are deemed to have received their assessment and tax notices as a result of this publication. Your taxes must be paid by the due date of JULY 30, 2021 even though you may have appealed your assessment. If your complaint is successful, any overpayment will be refunded or applied to any balances owing to MD124.

Tax Due Date

The due date for payment of property taxes is no later than JULY 30, 2021. If payment is not received before the due date, penalties will be applied. Penalties of 6% of current taxes owing are applied on July 31st, October 1st and 12% is applied to the total balance owing on January 1st each year for non-payment of taxes. Failure to receive a tax notice is not a reason for non-payment of taxes. The postmark will determine the date of payment.


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