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$30-mil Biomass Facility Finds Home in Mitsue Industrial Park

Calgary-based Expander Energy Inc. is planning to build a biomass/gas-to-liquids facility in Mitsue industrial Park.

Expander Energy's Vice President of Engineering Gord Crawford recently met with Reeve Kerik and MD Administration to discuss construction of a biomass liquefaction facility in the Mitsue industrial Park. According to Mr. Crawford’s presentation, this planned biomass/gas-to-liquids facility would produce 120 barrels of fuel per day at the onset, scaling up to 500 barrels per day of high-grade synthetic diesel at peak operation. Construction of this new facility is budgeted at $30 million.

“The Expander biomass development is certainly a good news story for the MD,” stated Barry Kolenosky, Director of Rural Special Projects and Interim Chief Administrative Officer for the MD. “We’re excited about the potential of this project to say the least, and we welcome the Expander team to the Lesser Slave River region.” The MD has since provided a letter of support for this project.

Expander considers Mitsue the ideal location for its biomass facility due to the availability of wood fibre, utilities, transportation infrastructure, and land. Feedstock for the plant is expected to be forest tree waste, pulp sludge, OSB and other municipal waste from regional landfills. Vanderwell Contractors is a strategic partner in this venture, due in large part to the abundance of hog fuel (mainly bark) from its sawmill that could be contributed to the facility on an ongoing basis.

Expander plans to break ground on this new facility in spring/summer 2021, with production scheduled to begin in 2022.

About Expander Energy Inc.

Expander Energy is a Calgary-based technology company focused on the environmental and cost-effective production of synthetic fuels. Expander creates high quality fuels from various carbon-based feedstocks such as natural gas and woody biomass. Expander’s mission is to revolutionize the fuels of today providing a bridge to the fuels of the future.

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