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Controlling Invasive Species: Workshop in Flatbush

The MD’s Ag Services team will be hosting their upcoming Invasive Species workshop in Flatbush on April 27.

Managing Invasive Species: Workshop in Smith

The MD’s Ag Services team is looking forward to hosting an Invasive Species workshop in Smith on April 28.

Pet safety before, during, and after emergencies

Prepare yourself and your pets for unexpected situations by being well-equipped.

Online course: Land Planning & Monitoring for Regeneration

Get ready to engage in farm planning for your own land.

Annual hydrant flushing underway

Residents are advised of the annual hydrant flushing in the MD from April 23 to May 16.

Seeking Census Enumerators

The MD is hiring Census Enumerators for door-to-door census interviews from May 1 to July 31.

Public notice: Widewater Drainage Ditch project

Upcoming infrastructure project in Widewater to build a drainage ditch for better water flow and flood prevention.

New regional recycling hub

New regional recycling hub to place community on the map.

2024 Re-Gravel Program: seeking submissions from Gravel Haulers

Gravel haulers are invited to submit their hourly rates for consideration in the 2024 Re-Gravel Program.

MD administration offices are open from Monday to Friday between 8:15am and 4:30pm.
Main Office: Box 722 - 3000, 15th Ave SE, Slave Lake, AB
T:780.849.4888  F:1.866.449.4888
Sub-office: 660061 Range Road 20, Flatbush, AB
T:780.681.3929  F:1.866.681.3929




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