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2024 Re-Gravel Program: seeking submissions from Gravel Haulers

Under the terms of the 2024 Re-Gravel Program, the MD is inviting gravel haulers to submit their hourly rates for consideration in the program.

The MD owns and operates four gravel pits within its boundaries. In 2024, the MD will complete its annual re-gravel program to protect more than 250 kilometers of local roads. Hauls will be out of the Mitsue, Moose Portage, Chisholm, and Flatbush pits.

Hourly rates will be paid in accordance with the rates specified in the bid documents, while tonnage will be determined using the municipal loader scale. The MD will supply the following: road foreman, loader with scale and operator, grader and operator (as required), water truck and operator, gravel checker, and stakes. Hours of work are 7:00am to 5:30pm daily, six days a week, subject to weather conditions.

Kindly be advised that submission of a registration package for the 2024 Re-Gravel Program does not guarantee the assignment of work. View the bid documents in the Tenders & Proposals section of the website.

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