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Purchasing or Replacing Your Sewer Grinder Pump

A quick clarification for any Southshore resident looking to purchase or replace their sewer grinder pump.

Regardless of recent grinder pump maintenance program changes, the MD will continue to maintain an inventory of sewer grinder pumps, and will continue to be the main point of contact with the pump distributor.

To be clear: there is no need for ratepayers to source their own sewer grinder pumps or contact a distributor — unless they opt to do so.

If your existing pump needs replacement and is proven to be under warranty, the MD will supply a new unit at no cost (other than your installation costs). Note that the warranty period for your replacement pump will be equal to the remaining warranty period of the pump being replaced.

If your warranty has expired, or you’re purchasing a grinder pump for the first time, the MD will sell you a grinder pump at the current distributor cost plus 5 percent. Once purchased, you or your contractor can pick up your new grinder pump at the Southshore wastewater treatment facility. Note that the MD no longer picks up or delivers sewer grinder pumps.

Read the Grinder Pump Policy

Policy F 11 provides all the required steps for residents who need to purchase or replace their sewer grinder pump. If you fall into this category, reviewing this policy is a great starting point.

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