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21 Masterpieces submitted for new annual Colouring Contest!

MD Council and Admin applaud 21 incredibly talented young residents.

How to apply for your Development Permit

Factors determining the need for a Development Permit include changes in land use, building construction or modification, and intensity of use.

MD Introduces Cemetery Grant Funding Policy

The MD has implemented a fund allocation policy that not only supports the maintenance of cemeteries but also fosters a culture of volunteerism.

Phishing fraud alert!

Watch out for text messages claiming to offer the Climate Action Incentive Benefit!

Weight Restrictions for Smith Bridge

Structural deterioration and increased commercial traffic factor into Council's recent decision to reduce the load carrying capacity of the aging Smith Bridge.

Multi-use spaces for the community to enjoy

You may have driven past one of our facilities while heading to work or running errands, but have you ever stopped for a closer look?

OHV helmets are a must in the MD

OHV users are strictly prohibited from riding within any “Open Space” areas — meaning any public land or property under the jurisdiction of the MD.

MD Offers 24/7 Urgent Call-in Support for Residents

For after-hours urgent resident requests, contact an MD team member by dialing 1.866.449.4888.

MD Wall Calendars are Here

The 2024 Lesser Slave River wall calendar is hot off the press, and it’s a beauty!

MD administration offices are open from Monday to Friday between 8:15am and 4:30pm.
Main Office: Box 722 - 3000, 15th Ave SE, Slave Lake, AB
T:780.849.4888  F:1.866.449.4888
Sub-office: 660061 Range Road 20, Flatbush, AB
T:780.681.3929  F:1.866.681.3929




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