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Marten Beach Flood Mitigation Update

Update of the Marten Beach Flood Disaster Risk Management Strategy.

On behalf of Reeve Kerik and Council, the Municipal District of Lesser Slave River (MD) would like to provide Property Owners within the Hamlet of Marten Beach an update of the Marten Beach Flood Disaster Risk Management Strategy. Thank you to all owners and residents who participated in the June 24 Open House, whether in-person or virtual. Your comments and feedback were noted and well-received.

In addition to the exceptional expertise of Associated Engineering and their broader team of consultants, Council and Administration are diligently working towards a satisfactory resolution of the task at hand. This will not only be for the affected residents but an option that will provide the basis of a sustainable funding and an area development procedural model.

Assessing timings and tasks, Council is initially targeting September 14, 2022, as the possible date when they may be able to publicly release the selected option/model and the next steps of implementation. If the situation changes, the MD will ensure this is communicated to Property Owners within the Hamlet.

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This letter was distributed via email addresses to Property Owners within the Hamlet of Marten Beach.

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The Smith Bridge is five years past its engineered life span.

The time to rebuild is now, and we need the Province to prioritize the required funding.

The Push for Provincial Action

From supporting a robust industrial sector to fostering community growth and diversification, there's a multitude of reasons why replacing the Smith Bridge in the near term makes sense. Learn more about the MD's ongoing lobbying efforts, and share your own thoughts on this important undertaking.

Smith Bridge Poll

Smith Bridge Community Poll Results

From August to November 2022, the MD conducted a simple public opinion survey regarding the Smith Bridge. The results are in, and you can explore them here.
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