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Firefighters advise checking winter burns

Wildfire season is starting early this year, February 20. Fire permits are now mandatory.

Check your winter burns. Firefighters are urging those who have conducted winter burning to double-check and confirm that the fires have been fully extinguished. Due to the dry conditions last autumn and the absence of moisture in the ground, there is a risk that fires ignited this winter could persist beneath the snow and resurface as wildfires during the spring.

To prevent spring holdover wildfires, revisit your brush pile or windrow burning projects to confirm that the fires have been completely extinguished. Spread out the remaining material evenly, soak the area thoroughly, and verify that no heat or smoke is emanating from the site. Monitor your burn area regularly in the following weeks to prevent any potential reignition.

If your winter burn remains active, contact your local Forestry Office to request a fire permit. For the Slave Lake area, dial 780.849.7377, for Lac La Biche, phone 780.623.5388, and for Wabasca, call 780.891.3860.

About brush piles and windrows

Brush piles and windrows are frequently used for burning woody debris resulting from land clearing for agricultural and developmental purposes. Alberta Wildfire can provide guidance on constructing your burn site to ensure compliance with the safety regulations necessary for obtaining your fire permit.

Check out the Brush Piles and Windrows Safe Burning Practices brochure.

Fire permits are mandatory

A fire permit outlines safe burning practices to help prevent fires from escalating into wildfires. Fire permits are mandatory from February 20 this year until October 31 for all fires within Alberta's Forest Protection Area, excluding campfires. These permits are free and can be obtained from Alberta Wildfire. To find the nearest office, visit firepermits.alberta.ca or dial 310-0000.

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