Volunteer Opportunities

Give a little and get much more in return.

From fighting fires to participating on boards and committees, there are numerous ways volunteers contribute to the MD and its communities. Review current volunteer opportunities below to see if there's something that fits your schedule and area of expertise.

Member-at-Large Vacancies

The MD appoints public members to strengthen a number of planning, housing, and agricultural boards. Every October, Council holds an Organizational Meeting and appoints both Councillors and Members-at-Large to represent the MD on various regional organizations. This commitment ensures active representation and community involvement in important regional matters.

The positions of Member-at-Large mentioned below are compensated roles. In this capacity, you will have the opportunity to receive meeting honoraria, travel expenses, and other applicable benefits.

This is your chance to collaborate and work alongside Council and fellow community members, contributing to the process of decision-making and providing valuable recommendations.

2023-2024 Member-at-Large Vacancies

Interested individuals are invited to submit their applications for consideration to the Executive Assistant. You have the option to send your application either via mail to the MD Administration Office at Box 722, 3000 15th Ave SE, Slave Lake, AB T0G 2A0. Alternatively, you may fax your application to 780.849.4939 or email a signed digital copy to executive.assistant(@)mdlsr.ca.

Agricultural Service Board

The Agricultural Service Board (ASB) of Lesser Slave River offers a wealth of experience and valuable resources to support, educate, and empower producers in a variety of ways. Guided by the principles outlined in the Agricultural Service Board Act, the board works to promote, enhance and protect viable and sustainable agriculture that directly benefits our area producers.

Seeking: 0 Members-at-Large
Meeting frequency: Every second Thursday of the month


Agricultural Act Appeal Panel

The Agricultural Act Appeal Panel (AAAP) plays a vital role as the designated appeal body for weed and pest appeals, aiming to ensure fairness and transparency in the process. Individuals who have received an inspector's notice, local authority's notice, or debt recovery notice have the right to initiate an appeal. The AAAP hears appeals and makes determinations, while local authorities are entrusted with the role of administering, directing, and enforcing regulations within their jurisdiction.

Seeking: 2 Members-at-Large
Meeting frequency: Whenever an Appeal is made


Subdivision & Development Appeal Board

The Subdivision & Development Appeal Board (SDAB) convenes specifically in cases where a development permit has been refused or when the permit holder expresses dissatisfaction with the conditions imposed on the development. When these hearings are held, any person affected by the development has the right to present. In order to exercise this right, affected parties must file their appeal to the SDAB within the specified time frame as mandated by legislation.

Seeking: 2 Members-at-Large
Meeting frequency: Whenever an Appeal is made


Municipal Planning Commission

The Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) plays an important role in the review of subdivision and development applications. The commission’s responsibilities extend to issuing decisions that align with the planning policies established by Council, as well as the Municipal Government Act and relevant statutory plans such as the Municipal Development Plan, Area Structure Plans, and Land Use Bylaw.

Seeking: 0 Members-at-Large
Meeting frequency: Every third Tuesday of the month


Lesser Slave Lake Regional Housing Authority

The primary goal of the Lesser Slave Lake Regional Housing Authority (LSLRHA) is to offer affordable, high-quality subsidized housing programs to eligible individuals in the Lesser Slave Lake area.

The authority is governed by a seven-member board, including representatives from the Councils of the MD of Lesser Slave River, Town of Slave Lake, and MD of Opportunity, along with Members-at-Large from Lesser Slave River and the Town. Additionally, there are appointees from the B.E.S. Legion of Slave Lake and a local representative of the Metis Nation of Alberta.

Seeking: 0 Members-at-Large
Meeting frequency: Once per month


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