Winner's Circle

The top 13 photo entries

Below are the winning submissions in the 2022 MD Moments photo contest. Each of the winning contestants will receive $100, and their photos will be featured in a wall calendar to be produced by the MD in December. Winners were determined by online vote tally, in addition to compliance with contest submission requirements.

Cover: Scarlet Beachcombers

Brooke Fontanet
Taken near Slave Lake

January: Awaiting Frozen Fun

Glen Gillis
Taken near Flatbush

February: Northern Lights

Charlie Carroll
Taken near Slave Lake

March: South Shore Stones

Dale Domonkos
Taken near Widewater

April: Ready to Roll

Adhith Kuttipurath
Taken near Slave Lake

May: Earth, Air, Sky, Water

Katie DeAlexandra
Taken at Devonshire Beach

June: Pebbles and Sand

Nicole Kenney
Taken near Slave Lake

July: Make a Wish

Maureen Schiller
Taken near Flatbush

August: Traces of Light

Wayne Sharko
Taken at Devonshire Beach

September: Solitary Fisherman

Brett Cardinal
Taken near Slave Lake

October: Hitching Post

Karissa Skrynyk
Taken near Kinuso

November: Lakefront Awe

Karen Copeland
Taken near Slave Lake

December: Frosted Treeline

Kendra Waye
Taken near Smith
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