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Webinar: Community Marketing with Open Farm Days

Join the Alberta Open Farm Days team on Monday, June 24.

Rural Routes 2024 Spring Edition

Big thanks to all MD producers for providing food to Albertans.

Farm-restricted Class 1 Driver’s Licence

Farmers who meet the criteria, along with their family members, are now eligible to apply for a farm-restricted Class 1 driver’s license.

Online course: Land Planning & Monitoring for Regeneration

Get ready to engage in farm planning for your own land.

On-Farm Climate Action Fund accepting applications

The On-Farm Climate Action Fund is now accepting applications for 2024.

Participate in the Farm Mental Health Survey

As mental health programs begin to roll out across the country, your voice becomes crucial in shaping these initiatives.

Accessible mental health support for farmers

Counselling Alberta improving access to farm-informed therapy for Albertans.

Farm mental health: stories of challenge and recovery

The unique stressors and challenges that farmers face can have a negative impact on their mental health and well-being.

Working Together to Combat the Wild Boars

When not raised as livestock, wild boar are considered to be ‘at large.’

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