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MD Launches Smith Bridge Rebuild Campaign at Fall Fair

The Smith Bridge has reached the end of its engineered lifespan, and the MD is working with the Province to prioritize funding for a rebuild. From supporting a robust industrial sector to fostering the growth and diversification of our communities, there are numerous reasons why replacing this aging structure makes sense.

The MD took part in the September 2-4 Smith Hondo Fall Fair, where Council and Administration engaged attendees regarding its lobbying efforts to earmark funding for a new bridge. As a counterpart to this campaign, the MD has launched an informational website at SmithBridge.ca. Get the facts on the Smith Bridge, share your own insights, and learn more about the campaign to replace this critical piece of transportation infrastructure.

The Big Picture

The Smith Bridge is part of a critical transportation corridor, but it's showing its age — from outdated wooden decking and corroded structural steel to a dangerously unsupported pier.

When a structure of this size needs to be replaced, the MD turns to the Province for funding. Sadly, due to competing needs and conflicting perspectives, provincial funding to rebuild this critical infrastructure has been repeatedly postponed. The MD is lobbying the Province to re-prioritize this project. By having access to the facts and the ability to provide input, residents can play a meaningful role in this effort.

Have Your Say at SmithBridge.ca

Do you use the Smith Bridge? If so, how often? If the bridge was closed, how would it affect you? Visit SmithBridge.ca to take part in a quick public opinion poll. When you do, you’ll be entered into a draw to win a gift card to Mr. Mike’s Steakhouse!

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Smith Bridge Rebuild


The Smith Bridge is five years past its engineered lifespan.The time to rebuild is now, and we need the Province to prioritize the required funding. Learn what the MD is doing to get this critical piece of infrastructure on the road to replacement.


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