MD Announces Interim Chief Administrative Officer

Barry Kolenosky will be working in the capacity of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for an interim period while the MD continues its search for a permanent successor.

Barry has taken the reins from departing CAO Allan Winarski. Allan retired September 30, 2020 after serving the MD for 17 years.

Staff and residents will likely be familiar with Barry from his ongoing role as Director of Rural Special Projects for the MD. What may not be known is Barry’s successful 35-year history in the public sector that includes acting and interim CAO roles for other municipalities.

A seasoned veteran of local government, Barry is a participatory, relationship-driven leader who enjoys working with individuals, teams and residents who seek to make a difference for future generations. According to Barry, “It’s not what you know, but how much you care that makes the biggest impact in building a community and making change.”

The MD congratulates Barry on his new assignment, and thanks him for filling this critical interim role.

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