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Snowplow Safety on Roadways

Snowplow operators serve the MD well during some of the worst weather. It's important that EVERYONE, including the motoring public and the snowplow operators themselves, gets home safely in the snow.

While most people are relaxing at home during a winter snowstorm, MD snowplow operators take to the roads clearing snow and ice accumulations, so residents can travel safely around our communities.

When traveling on MD roadways during the winter months, it's important to keep some common-sense snowplow safety strategies in mind.

Snowplows tend to travel at a lower rate of speed than other vehicles, so be sure slow down if you see one in front of you. The person operating the snowplow may also need to stop more frequently than other drivers to make sure that the lights on it are free from snow and ice.

Do turn your lights on so that the snowplow operator can see you. You should have your headlights on even during daylight hours. If you are attempting to pass a snowplow, avoid doing so on the right-hand side. When the plow is being operated, the snow and any debris the blade picks up will be deposited on the right side. When a plow is being driven, it can create a snow cloud behind it. Drivers should avoid following the snowplow too closely, since the cloud of snow can interfere with visibility.

Children need to understand that snowplows are very large and that they take time to slow down and stop. However, it may be difficult for children to hear a plow approaching, and they should move well back from the road if they see or hear one. Playing near roadways is not the safest choice in the winter. Children can fall onto the roadway in the path of an approaching snowplow, and the results can be tragic. Building forts near the street is also unsafe. A plow operator will have difficulty seeing children if they are hidden from view while playing behind or under a pile of snow.

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Welcome to Lesser Slave River

Just a few hours due north of Edmonton lies the remarkable region of Lesser Slave River. From breathtaking expanses of boreal forest and unspoiled natural wonders to a thriving economy and genuine work/life balance, opportunities abound.

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