Learn how to live Fire Smart.

Since 2011, we have adopted the principal of living fire smart to our region. We have a crew of 4 dedicated professionals who help assist with the implementation of the 7 Disciplines of a Fire smart Community. The Fire smart crew works as part of the Lesser Slave Regional Fire Service as firefighters, as a Helicopter Attack crew by contract for Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, and as a vegetation management crew in our region.

What is FireSmart?

FireSmart is an initiative designed to help home and property owners reduce the threat of wildfire within the wildland/urban interface area. By implementing FireSmart principals, you become part of a commitment to help lessen the effects of wildfire in your community.

The risk of wildfire is greatest in wildland/urban interface zones – communities where natural vegetation and residential, industrial, or agricultural developments are situated. There are many reasons Albertans choose to reside in these areas, be it occupational requirement or lifestyle choice. But one thing is certain, the economic and social impact of wildfire in Alberta is immense. Thousands of residents are evacuated or put on evacuation notice from their homes or workplaces due to the threat of wildfires each year.

Why do we need FireSmart?

FireSmart is here to educate and inform residents across Alberta about the risks of wildfire. We must all work together to help prevent wildfires in our province.

Quick Facts:

  • Wildfires are an essential part of our ecosystem and help create healthier, more balanced forests. Controlled burns can reduce the risk of larger, uncontrolled fires.
  • Many residents in interface zones are unaware of, or do not fully appreciate the danger of wildfires.
  • Residents may have a false sense of security regarding interface fires, and may feel prevention is the sole responsibility of their local or regional fire department.

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